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I have a ‘Kid’ table with some kids data. The app has a tab with a tile list of all the kids in the ‘Kid’ table, and the tiles have an associated action for adding rows in a second table called ‘Record’. So, every time the user clicks on a kid’s tile they introduce a row in the second table to show that the kid did something that day, and then the action finishes by notifying the user that the row was added. This approach for adding information to the second table has a couple of problems. First, the notification takes a bit longer to show, second, the user needs to click on every single tile. Is there a way for adding all rows of all children at the same time? or a better approach for doing this? Thanks!

This app has an example of the current solution.

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Is the action exactly the same for each “kid”?
ie. Are we recording that they’ve all done the same thing?

If that’s true, then what you could do is instead of creating a new row for each kid-something combination, just use a single row for the something, and then use a choice component in multi-select mode to add one or more “kids” to a single column in that row.

If you later need to get a list of kids that performed that something, you can use a split text column on the “kids” column, and then use that split text column in a relation.


It looks like I’ll be the kid doing something :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: This is an excellent suggestion! Thank you so much.

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