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I have a column with a title and some basic text (in my case : list of ingredients) and I’m just trying to replicate the title style here

But using the action text component, the title is in footnote style… using other text component just don’t show the title at all…
If someone can help, I would really appreciate

Thanks !

Is your title the Header row of the column?

One thing you could do instead: Create a column for the title and a column for the details. Add a Title component and set the title as the Title column and the details as the details column. Make the image nothing and it should come out similar to the above image you posted.

Other option would be to just use a Text component for the label (and set it however you want in terms of formatting) and then a Rich Text field for the details, so you can create a bullet or numbered list using Markdown.

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Thanks a lot for your reply.

Is your title the Header row of the column?
=> yes it’s is

Well I knew it would work If I create a new column like this.

Well it works but quite ugly :sweat_smile: and it adds some spacing I prefer to avoid If I could (which is not on the example I uploaded in my first post, so I’m guessing maybe there is another way…

Hi Handa, welcome to the community!

My setup for this situation would look like this:


Then you would have a tab displaying all dishes like this.

And a detail item for each dish like this.

  • Title: Dish name & dish image
  • Text: INGREDIENTS (Custom mode, headline 2)
  • Rich text: Ingredients column
  • Text: PREPARATION (Custome mode, headline 2)
  • Rich text: Preparation column

Look into how markdown works. You can create headings and bulleted list and should be able to achieve all if this in a single rich text component.


Thanks Thịnh and Jeff, it works like a charm ! :wink:


If you need further support feel free to comment!