Action: Slide in Screen Close

Is there a way to set column values when closing a slide in screen?

Use case: click the “X” to close it and the action takes place.

Not that I’m aware of. The other issue is that there are multiple ways to close the side in… swipe right… swipe down… click anywhere outside the slide in

But I could get on board with some actions tied to those gestures :wink:


Thanks Eric - I thought maybe it was user error :man_shrugging:

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Ok - one last question:

If I needed to hide the “X” button or the entire top banner so that I could redirect the user to a button on the screen (in order to trigger a custom action), would you happen to know how to write that code? I’ve been looking at the elements and I can’t seem to parse out which one is stable.

That would still leave the user with a chance to use the native back button on their phones to navigate back though, I don’t think you can touch that even if you manage to hide the “x” button.

Another case is clicking outside of the slide in, that would also get the user out of it.

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