Action on App Open

I know I’ve seen this request before but I can’t find it now. I have a use case for an Action to run when an app is opened (I’m sure others could make use of this sort of action too). For me, I need to make sure a value is cleared when the app is opened so that a process always starts “fresh”. Currently, a user can get part-way through a process, close the app, then return to the app. I’d like the process to start fresh each time the app is opened as it functions a LOT better when the process is done start-to-finish in the same session.

Currently, I have built actions to clear a user-specific column at certain points of the process, but some of them could be avoided if I could clear the value on App opening.


I’d suggest you exactly this as I’ve been doing too.

+1 for this

PS: I don’t know if glide team prefer here or the Feature Request app, but if you also include it there, add the link here, so we can vote it

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Good call! Here’s the direct link to the request!

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