Action Icons in glide pages don't appear in drop down actions

Lovely to have icons with actions in glide pages, but they don’t appear in the drop down menu of a card collection

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Unfortunately, action icons are not currently supported in the drop down menu of a card collection. However, you can still add action icons to the title bar of a card collection. Learn more about action icons here.

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The closest thing you can do is try to use the “Hero Icons” column in your database and use the result as an image in a card collection.

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i do use hero icons as images in collections with a mix of background colors as well, but how would hero icons appear next to actions in the drop down menu?
for every collection item i have several actions such as delete for example which can have a trash icon next to it

I think this is a fair feature request to keep it consistent with the new button designs. This post is more “feature request” than “ask for help” since what you want isn’t currently available.