Accommodation booking platform - inventory/availability

Has anyone attempted this yet? I’m intrigued by the idea of creating a booking platform for our hosts but quickly fund myself struggling with inventory and availability.

The booking form should show available rooms for the specific certain date with the system blocking those out that booked already. The host should be be able to able to block rooms for certain dates. The guest should be able to check out total sum for the selected booking.

Accommodation 1
Room 1
Room 2
Room 3

@Robert_Petitto @ThinhDinh @Lisa @Jeff_Hager or anyone else interested in paid help with this? Questions and quotes are welcome. I can write an outline in the next two weeks and hope one could deliver within 30 days of starting work on it.

PS: Hope this is the appropriate place to post this.


There are several Booking Templates in the template store that could be pretty easily adapted to suit your needs.

For example, check out the template I posted yesterday ('Work.from.Work' --- new template to get people back to working on-site safely!). This allows users to book a space for a particular day, limits the number of people allowed in a specific space, and prevents bookings too far into the future.

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Just create a column that will indicate if room is available, you can hire us by making your offer, just click this link:

also this App will show you what we can do…

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I provided insufficient detail in my initial post, the below is a wish list and I’m still trying to understand the limitations of what is possible to achieve. If certain features are not “possible”, I would fall back to a simpler setup.

  • Properties have various rooms types, each with its own specific quantity, pricing and availability
  • Rooms can be both private (book entire room) or shared (book x/y beds of one room)
  • Room quantity/availability are interlinked (but different price), e.g. a double/ room for single use
  • Users can book multiple rooms at once, with pricing calculated and displayed accordingly
  • Availability is blocked across date ranges, not only on one single day/date.
  • Admin can manage availability and rates across single dates and date ranges.

Basically a booking form akin to what you would find on bookingdotcom and the likes.

@kyleheney thanks for suggesting your template. I had a look at the store earlier but couldn’t find an existing template that fits those needs.

@Uzo is this something you can imagine to create?


@Ric_1 No problem, lots of work but doable