I want to create a booking tab with the ability to select availability period

  • Set the time range for booking space from 8am - 10pm (current range starts from 12am)
  • Users should only be about to book space on the hour and for a minimum of two hours at a time
  • User are required to use two credits to book room
  • The room can only be cancelled 6 hours before the reservation
  • User gets a text notification (one hour before their reservation

What have you got so far, or you’re just exploring if it’s possible?

finding a way to go about it

Not possible with the native component, but if you use a custom form, you can validate if the time booked falls into the range. If not, don’t allow a submission.

Same as above, must be validated with a custom form.

Assuming you allow them to purchase credits before hand and have a flow to manage those purchases, then it should be possible.

Create a math column to calculate the difference in time between now and the start time of the booking. I assume you mean can only be cancelled before the 6-hour point, so the condition for the cancel button to show is “difference in time” >= 6 hours.

If you use a Google Sheet, you can utilize a third party tool like Make.com to run a scenario every hour, check if any booking rows fall into the condition for a notification, and send it using Twilio.

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