About sign in

How many different devices can be logged into the application from one e-mail address?

As far as I know, as many as you’d like! There isn’t really a limit on signed-in devices. :slight_smile:

Is it possible for 45 people to log in with 1 email address? Because that’s what I want :upside_down_face:

If every one of them can access the pin, sure thing! Like I said, as many devices can be connected to an account as possible.


It’s possible, but from a Glide perspective all 45 would be considered as a single user.

If this is an attempt to workaround Glide user limits, I would advise caution.

Actually, that’s what I was wondering about, yes, but I don’t plan on using it that way. I asked this so that I could answer any questions about this from my manager. Thank you Darren :slight_smile:

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