Prevent Multi Login Sessions

Hey, I’ve faced a serious issue. As of now, anyone can login to public with email or even private apps can login multiple devices. This is made very crucial when you’re developing app for premium content.

I’ve an app which throws premium content to paid users.

So, if Glide team can work upon session management, it’ll be a great feature to protect content. Many use cases of this.

Users are able to only see what you allow them to see. Try playing around with visibility and user-access and only give access to data according to user.

I don’t have this problem you are saying in my apps. you can try it for yourself. Log into my app., or my Church app you will notice you will not have access without providing your name phone number and such. The app is completely blank until you provide information. Plus in my apps I have admin level data that only the admins can see like payroll etc.

Glide gives you the ability to do some serious filtering, and visibility based on many factors, its one of glide strongest ability. Its all up to you, what people can see in your app. And if everyone is seeing every thing it just simply means you haven’t hidden anything.

Yes. I’m very much aware about visibility and user access levels.

My Problem is same user can login into multiple devices. It can cause my premium content.

Just like Netflix, you can sign in the same account upto 5 devices or 1. They have control over it.

Yes this feature coul be very useful if we plan to build any SaaS based apps with Glide. Otherwise users can use the same email ID to login from multiple devices.

Please have a look at this. @Mark @david @JackVaughan

Please vote for it in the Feature Requests app - “Limit login per user to one device”

So you want Glide to do something that , Amazon, Google, Netflix, Apple, Microsoft, Banks, Wont do. Hmmmm.

Once a customer has purchased something, whether digital or otherwise, by law they have the right to share it with anyone who they desire. They are now owners of the content. They are not allowed to duplicate it or resell it however. Unless by logging in to multiple devices it jeopardize the content itself.

Most people have at least 3 devices that are synchronized across platforms. 1. Their phones, 2. Their Tablets, and their Computers. To cut off peoples ability to sync workflow between their devices would cause you to lose your customer base
No user wants to be controlled or limited like that on free apps, let alone on content they pay for. Netflix tried it 10 years ago and it didn’t work.

This is why Netflix, instead of wasting money to trying to stop people from sharing account, instead they helped people to share premium content by setting up individual sign ins to the same premium content. This helped their user base to quadruple and sales went up.

No one can or should stop individuals from sharing premium content with or without session management. Its a reality every content provider has to live with.

Glide has to be careful in how they implement this as they could be violating its own terms of service regarding who owns content and limiting content.

Its not legal to intentionally limit access to an individuals own paid content.


I agree. This doesn’t work for my app at all. It would be unnecessary and highly inconvenient for my app users (I do have a SaaS product). If glide implements this, it should be the pro app maker’s choice via setting. I would be okay with limiting to 3 devices at a time but personally don’t think it’s necessary.

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