Ability to give apps a project name distinct from their published name

Sorry if its been requested before, did a search etc.

I would love a way to give my apps a different name to the name that users see on their phone screens. A project name, if you will.

Example use: I’m creating a template app that will be duplicated across clients. The app name will remain the same for all clients, which means that I will have several indistinguishable apps with the same name in my account. If I want to edit one for a specific client I’ll have to remember which one is which.

When you duplicate the app you can name it whatever you want.

Yeah sorry I probably explained it poorly. I mean I want the app name to appear differently in my folder of apps compared to its title as it appears on users phones

What you need is to be able to create folders in the app dashboards. One folder per customer.

This has already been requested. It would be really of high interest.

As of today, the organization feature bring the capability to create folders. So let’s hope folders will be allowed in the non org section of the dashboard.

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