More Granular Organization of Apps on Projects Dashboard

For our use cases, it’d be really helpful to be able to organize apps on the Projects Dashboard in a more granular way.

I think my preferred way would be to have the ability to name the app differently on the Projects Dashboard than the name that displays when a user adds that app to their home screen. Or if there was a field for a sub-name or description below the name. We have a lot of use cases where we want the app to be the same name when a user installs it, but there are actually different versions of that app on our backend. (see screenshot) They are split into different apps rather than setting up filtering and such on one app in order to make the management of the data simpler and to increase performance for each app.

In the screenshot you can see that we have multiple Spring Break and Orientation apps. We have employees in different locations around the country who are simultaneously attending similar events. Since there’s a character limit of what the phone can display, we don’t want to name them Spring Break - Orlando, FL, Spring Break - Destin, FL as an example. However, it would be helpful to see them named that way on the Projects Dashboard.

It would also be helpful if there were different sections or folders on the Projects Dashboard to further organize the apps.

Another area where this would be helpful is in the Usage (BETA) section (assuming this becomes the standard usage data which I think would be really helpful). I can’t currently tell specifically which app it’s referring to when I have them named the same.

Screen Shot 2023-04-05 at 2.09.55 PM