Ability to expand functionality through upgrades

I am currently using the free version and considering upgrading to the paid version (pro, private, custom).

So my question is, will upgrading increase the number of components I can use?
For example, I would like to use a line chart, will that be possible?

I think there is a limit to the number of features that can be implemented in the free version, but will this be solved by upgrading to the paid version?

Thank you for your answer.

The biggest upgrade is storage space and row capacity. There are only a couple of components that are included with the pro plans. All components you see on the free version are what you would see in a pro version. The only difference is that some are marked as pro or will tell you of they only work with pro plans.

As for charts, there are no additional chart options. What you see with the free version is what you get with the pro version. If you want more advanced charts, then I would consider implementing quickchart.io as an image.

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How about custom plan?
If I upgrade to custom plan, can’t I use more components than free/pro plan??

What do you mean by custom plan? Do you mean the business plan?

Sorry, I mean enterprise apps plan.

The pricing page lists what’s included with the Enterprise plan. Mostly advanced support, API access, SQL access, security audits, and more scalability. It’s primarily for businesses. Keep in mind that prices for that plan start at a minimum of $6000 a year, but in most cases, I think it’s around $12,000 a year. ($999 a month). If you’re only looking for additional components, then you aren’t going to get it with the Enterprise plan. It’s more for back end data processing and customer support. Like I said, most of what’s available component wise is available in the free plan.

Thank you, I got it.

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Try the webview and implement your chart in https://datastudio.google.com/ by linking your google sheet.
Could be one way to solve your concern.

You mean charts can be shown in apps as images??

Indeed they can.

Have a browse of this thread for some inspiration.