Ability to display client title/logo on sidebar

In the “Name and Icon” section of settings, it would be great if the title and/or logo could pull from user data so that when one of my client’s logs in they see their own company name or logo on the left side bar instead of just my company name.

I have dozens of different clients logging into my application and there is no way on the sidebar to display the client name/logo as far as I can tell.

While you can not add a custom logo in the area that you are pointing to, could you use an image component elsewhere on a page with a customer’s logo? This could give your users the feel of personalization on the page, albeit, in a slightly different location.

Yes I do this already! But it still doesn’t feel like truly their own dashboard because our logo/name is on the sidebar.


Great idea.


Another alternative, depending on how badly you would need this:

  • Do not add pages to your navigation, in essence to make it disappear (or if need be, use the native navigation in horizontal mode for other pages)
  • Adopt a 1:2 layout
  • In the “thin” left hand side panel, add your client’s name, logo, and below that create a custom navigation with an inline list (collection)

It’s doable, but really I mostly see disadvantages:

  • It’s a workaround, more work than it might be worth
  • You add complexity with a custom navigation
  • You end up with a 1:2 layout and a left panel which is probably wider than you would like. 1:3 or even 1:4 would be better were it available.

Throwing the idea out there just in case.

Thanks for the idea! I think it won’t work for me, but it’s an interesting workaround.

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Can’t believe the isn’t a feature yet…
-edit- nvm, I’ve discovered it’s a feature now. Must’ve been a recent update.