A user with no role is still a private user (empty cell)?

Hello everyone! I have a Pro Glide Account and I’m developing an app to function as an inter-class competition for 9th grade classes. Basically, when the class meets a summative evaluation objective, it receives x points which, added to a weekly rating of class behavior by teachers and assistants, allows for the creation of a competition/game between classes.

The problem is that we are talking about +150 students and the functionalities of students and teachers will be different (teachers will mark the evaluation elements in the application’s calendar, respond to behavior surveys, etc.). My question is: to get around this and still use Roles to filter what each user can see/do, can I leave the student rows in the user table without Role? Or from the moment I have the Role column any row I have in that table will count as having a Role even if the cell is empty? If it didn’t count, it wouldn’t exceed 50 private users.

Thanks in advance for your attention and if you have any ideas on how to get around this please let me know.

Do not use the Role column for this… add a new column i.e Position. this will not count as a privet user.

In the Users table right?


Assuming that you allow anyone to Sign In, then only those Users that have a Role assigned will be counted as Private. So yes, any that are left empty will not count as Private.

I should add that the only real reason to use Roles in this scenario would be if you intend to use Roles as Row Owners (ie. for security reasons). Otherwise you could do as Uzo suggested.

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I currently have these Privacy Settings:

So, you’re telling me that I should not worry if I’m leaving those cell’s empty for the student’s roles? Uzo’s idea seems more simple, but I don’t understand why people would use Roles when they can create another column that does exactly the same.

Roles has some other functions

Correct. With those settings only those that have a Role assigned will count as Private. Any that have the Role column empty will not.

You can create another column and use it to to drive visibility settings, but it won’t be 100% secure. Whereas when you use Roles as Row Owners you can be confident that users won’t have access to any data that they shouldn’t have.

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