A new method for Choice Component multi select?


I have a form requiring +10 choice components, each being requiring to be enable multi select.

Do you see any other manner than having 10 Trebuchet…?

[Edit] I was thinking of (Maybe) a simpler approach than Trebuchet by using

  • a Custom Form
  • Increment
  • Calculation of ‘even number’ (to check & uncheck)

Tab 1: fields of the form, including a ‘Join’ column of tab2 ‘If’ field

Tab 2: List of choice | User specific | Calculation of ‘even nb’ (how…?) | If nb is uneven then check, else not checked

Inline List: with Increment on clic, therefore, when clic once, nb is uneven…

I can’t do the ‘even nb’ part, but do you think it could work

Thanks in advance

Hi @AyS_0908 you should ask @Robert_Petitto that looks like the kind of thing he does.


I read and reread your post a few times and I’m having a hard time following the logic (but then again, I’m a visual learner).

@Robert_Petitto, @Fanny_Ditomene_Sekwe, this is what I was thinking about (public access to the demo below).

It seems “too easy” in comparison to Trebuchet… am I missing something?


I know you’ve seen this, but I share it anyway. Basically I set a unique ID before showing the list, and then set the unique I’d or clear it when a user taps on each list item.

I guess I would call this trebuchet-ish in that you can take those selections, build a joined list and then save or re-save it over the top of the another basic column that stores those selections. @Roldy did the work of saving and recalling selections, so you could reopen a list of selections and modify them. I really haven’t taken the time to study how it compares to trebuchet, but I think trebuchet may have an advantage of being able to remove an item from a joined list through actions without having to view and manually modify selections??? Not quite sure, but I think there are a lot of similarities. I just haven’t looked into it that closely.

I do currently use my method to multi-select multiple students from a list and build a joined list of emails that I can then use to send a mass email.


Only that it’s user specific…so you’d still need to capture that information for others to see the end result.

@Jeff_Hager, @Robert_Petitto, thank you for your answers.

Back to my objective: the Trebuchet and close approach of Jeff, are very powerful, but somehow “too smart for me”. In addition, when I reproduced them, I had almost 15 columns to manage only 1 multi select / unselect (maybe am I applying them wrongly…).

I was therefore wondering if there were an alternative, that I understand (“not too smart…”) + with less columns.

With regards to the approach that I am testing (to be challenged) : basically, counting the number of clicks via an increment and checking or unchecking wether the number is even or uneven.
IF there is no error in the reflection, it seems to use “only” 7 columns.

Robert, you’re right that I have to capture the information to display it to others: this is now what I (hope I) do in the [User] tab via a compound action on the inline list.

The app is public and shareable : https://multiselect.glideapp.io/

Hola @AyS_0908

Why don’t you use the Checklist Style in your Inline list? It has almost everything (visually) to select and know later what options have been chosen.

The only one missing part with Checklist Style is the Image and I don’t understand why we can’t have an image to make it more user friendly yet??.
Maybe @jason can help us with it in the next We’ll Do It Live - Episode 5 :wink:

This is what I mean using a simulated feature to have an image with this style.

Meanwhile, your screen will look like it using Checklist Style and a Join List to collect the answers, something very easy to do and understand:

I made a new version of your APP which is copyable if you want to see its details:



Hi @gvalero, yes, you’re totally right, I have complicated it for nothing!

I think that the only addon to your app is to be able to display the selection to other users if need be (in tab [Multiselect]: an IF true, display User’s eMail → Relation to [User] tab → coumpound action “set column” of the selection in the [User] tab)

[EDIT] Sorry, I don’t get why you need the Template & Relation columns in your model?


Now you are totally right, I complicated it for nothing trying to test another way, sorry!! :rofl:

The simplest way to do it should be:

Feliz día @AyS_0908