A new idea that I don't know how start it! - Social Project Covid Crise

I created an app from zero, learning by myself and of course with help of this amazing community.
My social project is to help people to pay their bills. Here in Brazil, we have a bank slip to pay our bill.
So, in my app people share your code (44 digits almost like a hash), and other pay for them. don’t u believe it? it was paid over R$8k or US$1.450,

Now, new idea. I’d like to divide the bills into equal parts, so that they could donate a part and when I completed the total amount of the bill I pay.

This initiative could engage more people that could not pay total but could help with any donation. I’m not sure, like “pass the hat” for each bill.

Share to me any Idea. Where could I do or start?
Do u wanna check the app? https://garrafanomarv2.glideapp.io/


I´d like to slipt each bank slip and would let people pay as many quotas as they wanted.
So, someone post a $100 and the app slipt in 4 parts of $25 and other people could pay as many quotas they want. I´d like to develop like a goods, I could buy 3 parts!

Got it?

You can try Flurly to split your payments.


Thx so much, but if I’m not wrong, the Flurly split the amount and equal parts they have to pay.
what I want is show 10 parts of the amount and I could buy only 3 parts, another day you could buy more 2 and we still have 5 parts. got it?

It’s complex, what current payment gateway are you using?

for while I’m developing an MVP (u know that) . we r working with donations and these gateways charge a fee of service. maybe later.

I´d like to have an idea to dev this split. i.e : 2 tabs, one with the bank split, another one with this slip splitted in 10 quotas. after here, I’d like to have a checkout for people purchase “peaces” as many as they wanted and transfer the money.

In another step I have to learn how to create a payment link with paypal.

Feel free for any help

I’m thinking of a data structure where you have a set number of pieces to be divided.

Let’s say the amount is 100, you want to divide it by 10, then each piece is 10.

Then use something like PayHere to pass an additional parameter to know where the payment is coming from (let’s say what rowID), then bring the payment info back to your sheet using an Integromat webhook scenario.

Then you can use a rollup on top of a rowID relation from the original sheet that contains the amount, to the sheet that contains the payments. The rollup will tell you how much money has that bill been paid.