A Digital Town Library

Since we have reached the era of “Citizen Developers” , I am recruiting and training a small army of them to provide affordable applications for our town, which is Royal Tunbridge Wells in UK.

By working together we can not only produce affordable and useful applications for small businesses, we can also produce them for associations, groups, schools, churches and even streets. By sharing the development across a team, we know the apps will be sustainable.

The apps that we create can sit in a “Digital Town Library” so that apps and templates can be shared and modified for other users, thus saving development costs.

However, there is a much bigger objective, and that is to replace national applications, such as for food delivery, restaurant booking, property marketing, auto sales etc etc, with our own cheaper, locally created versions…which I estimate will save our community millions of pounds annually.

Why am driving this? Because I am 77 years old and my message is, if I can build a sophisticated good looking apps in days or even hours, just think what a 65 yr old could do (or even 16 yr old).