Seeking local gov app examples

Hi, I’m looking for examples of glide apps that have been built for local government agencies or departments.

I’m developing a new no-code resource focused on encouraging & inspiring local governments & public sector agencies to start using no-code tools, and want to feature some examples of apps already in use in a community stories section.

Can you specify what type of app you are looking to see? Someone accessing their water bill? Or the other side of the coin – the Utility company using an app?

In other words, are you looking for apps where people can access their court documents from the Justice of the Peace or County Court, or are you looking for an app a judge might use?

Ideally I’m after examples of apps that have been developed for city, county of state agencies. It could be anything such as a parks map app designed for users, an app about polling places or even an internal staff onboarding app.

Public sector still tends to use expensive enterprise software like Salesforce, so I want to showcase anyone who doings things differently.

Yeah, I worked in 3rd party gov. software for many years. The reason it’s so exclusive is because the databases are huge, and the cost of actually going a different route takes YEARS to accomplish, even at the local level (worse the higher up you go).

I like the idea of an app for polling places – that could be very useful. I never know which polling place to go to.