A crazy idea!

The idea may be far-fetched but I would like to share it …
The goal is to create 1 to 1 discussions and improve the chat system.
Suppose we decide to create each dialogue between two people (the owner or a person of the team) and a user using the raws, and that the column headers are the two people who will dialogue.
Each raw will correspond to:

  • you: “You say something” and
  • the interlocutor: “The interlocutor answers” (or vice versa).

One of the two interlocutors initiates the discussion which will be registered on the first raw and when the second responds, it is registered in “his” column. Then in the third sentence, a new raw is added. At the end of the discussion, you can delete all the raws with an instruction (Delete raw(s)), if you wish.

Second idea that follows this one: since the “discussion raws” are already created, we can start a new discussion by creating two new columns. This means that with 40 columns we can have 20 simultaneous discussions.

Is it all possible?

The columns would of course have special properties and they would be “chat columns.”