600 users! Woohoo!

Last month I used Glide to create a prototype for my app ONYOU.

I then pushed it into the wild. I was nervous, excited and relieved that I had finally got something tangible to show people when talking about my idea.

It’s incredible how much more momentum and confidence I gained after releasing the prototype.

The prototype lacks 6-7 features, but the development map is looking very exciting!

What started as a passion project three years ago has now evolved into what feels like a full-time job.

Stay tuned for ONYOU 2.0 :popcorn:


do you have a link?


I remember seeing the post, congratulations :tada: :partying_face:


Yeah just checked out the link shared by @Rosewebstudio .600 users already ! wow ! Congrats :rocket::rocket::rocket: and All the very best :grinning:

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Thank you!!

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Thank you! (Big thanks to Glide for making it possible for someone like me to make a prototype in less than a month) :smiley:

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