for glide mock-ups?

Nice little no code website to be used as a way to show mock-ups (better than wireframe) to a potential client. Easier than Figma with tons of templates and components that look almost identical to Glide’s components.



Perfect tool to share and give the clients an idea of them apps will look like! I’m in love with it, and how easy it is too work with it :star_struck:

Thank you so much @Robert_Petitto to share it!


so… like a simplified Glide?

Nop, it’s like Sketch, where you can create prototypes and test the idea of the app

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i guess i’m to old to get the idea…

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In the Home page they already explain the idea

Visualize your ideas like a pro and get a functional app prototype faster than ever — no code or design skills required.


just like i said in the beginning… glide-simple

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Yes, but not at all.

Glide: you can create apps/softwares.

Prototype websites: you can only create a visual version of what you want. Not apps.


so… what is the point? to structure idea and fallow when making a real App?

let me tell you a story… in 1960… NASA spent millions of $ and years of work, to develop a pen that will work in 0 gravity … you know what Russians did?
they give astronauts pencils…
anyway… these are good platforms… don’t get personal…
thanks to nasa spending we have now so many things that most of people don’t even know it comes from those experiments… so is all good.

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…and the graphite dust in those pencils were destructive and put people’s lives in danger because they were electricly conductive and could short circuit electronics in the spacecraft. Thus the research on a pen that worked in zero gravity and was safe to use.


so is all good… as i said… :wink:
they should not put in space allergic folks… haahahha… and only vacuumed sealed electronics.
just common sense… which I know @Jeff_Hager is the master

Of course, each tool with its specific function

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great find!

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Hey guys,
I’m Yura, Co-Founder of Stage. Thanks Robert for sharing Stage with the community. I’ll be happy to answer your questions.


@Jason @tristan

It would be practical if when creating a new tab, we could indicate what type of tab we are building and Glide would generate that template, taken for instance from the list below: