Introducing a prototype that will make it easier to shop for sustainable and ethical fashion products

Hi Glide,

Onyou is a new way to shop for sustainable and ethically-made fashion, beauty and lifestyle products.

With thousands of items listed from reputable sustainable brands around the world, you’re sure to find the perfect item that fits your price, style and, most importantly, your values.

When you find something you love on Onyou, we redirect you to the brand or store’s website to complete your purchase.

Onyou does not hold inventory or fulfil orders. Instead, we match demand with supply, enabling the brand to retain full control of their pricing, as well as owning the customer relationship and experience.

Our aim is to make sustainable and ethical fashion as accessible as possible. Here are some of the features we’ve built to help you do just that.

  • All in one place - Finally, all sustainable and ethical products are accessible from one place.

  • Search functionality - To dive into our item catalogue, simply type the name of a brand, a product item or style and hit enter. We’ll give you the results instantly.

  • Brand values and ethics - At a glance, you can see how sustainable and ethical an item is by looking at the Good On You rating score, the world’s leading source for fashion brand ratings.

  • Save your favourite items - Save your favourite items so you can access them when you next jump on the app. Your favourites are saved to your account and accessible at any time.

It’s early on in the development, but hopefully, it’s the start of a pretty awesome app! I would love it if you could jump on it and give some feedback/criticism…

The survey can be found in the app or can be accessed as a google form.

App can be found here:


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Looks great. Keep the good work.

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