🙏🙏>25K rows in GT, or external database. So needed!

@AymenM thanks for pointing me to that discussion! That thread says Glide wants to provide 100K+ rows in GT. However, everything I’ve read says GT still has a 25K row limit. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE if they expanded it soon! I have a paying customer :moneybag:

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Hello back,

I can be wrong but based on the mentioned topic it looks like there’s an unlimited amount of rows that you can create :

Hope this helps ! :slight_smile:

@AymenM I’ve heard and read different things as far as what is available now. One clue is there is still the 25K counter now which counts GT rows.

Maybe @david could chime in? Question is whether we can have 100K+ rows per user in GT currently, or is that still to come?

If you have the ability, try to add a csv file this will allow you to get an answer quickly. But a @staff member will confirm !

You cannot import CSV into Glide tables. Also, mentioning ‘@staff’ does not mention the team.

I am wondering about the same thing…

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@Pablo_books, @AymenM, @Lucas_Pires, @SantiagoPerez, @Yasin_Hassanien, @DareSteps, @Darren_Murphy

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I’d like to, but I cannot for a while :roll_eyes:



I’ve tested well above 25k rows but with very simple data. I don’t think it’s a strongly enforced limit by Glide. At least not that I’m aware of. I can’t vouch for the limits that you want to push it with almost 1M rows per year. If anything, you’ll have more of an issue if you are trying to sync thousands of rows of data on to each user’s device each time they open the app.


@Jeff_Hager Thats interesting. Maybe that bottleneck would be fixed along with rolling out 100K+ rows per user…but we shall see :slight_smile:

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@Drearystate , do you have a method to use virtually limitless rows?

I need it too, I still have to study what you sent me to understand how to use it ^^

You list your database in another workbook all together. Then you use vlookup to pull the data. you can use the importrange function directly in the vlookup or set it separately.
I recently started using the importrange function directly in the vlookup to save time.
It looks like this:

    =VLOOKUP(A1,(IMPORTRANGE( "sheet url here", SHEET1!A1:B10)), 2, FALSE))

You can do the same with with an arrayformula just widen the range and add the function at the beginning like this:


I hope that helps you better.


@Drearystate We reached the limit of simultaneous entries on google sheets, and need to scale to even more users. I guess the technical term is “capacity”…we need more capacity. GT actually handles that part like a champ. Now just trying to see if we can run calculations in GT like in Google Sheets :face_with_monocle:

You can now, it might take more than 1 column to do so but Glide has come a long way since I had to begin importing data to save space. You still are limited to rows though and that still pertains to Glide Sheet rows I believe.

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Curious if we can do this for Users sheet… as it would reduce the number of users to just the number of signed in users… wild idea but have you tried that by chance?

How would you expect that to work?
I mean, what would the process flow look like?

:wink: … hmmm… If I remember well… you are my Long time ago customer @Blue_Community, just email me, and ill make it for you.

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will do buddy… thanks for reaching out…

Shipped. Big Tables supports tens of millions of rows, and we also support SQL now.

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