2022 Updates...?

Is there a Cross Site(App) Copy & Paste solution as well as re-usable Custom Actions(As it was shown in the 2021 commercial for the current version of Glide) coming anytime this year.

Last I heard, Glide Actions will be a standalone automation tool that MIGHT show up at the end of the year (but definitely not any time soon). Glide is first working on standalone data tables (which needs to happen prior to standalone actions).


At the end of this year? Well that’s quite far away…

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@Robert_Petitto any idea on the Cross Site(App) Copy & Paste possibility? This one is a HUGE one for me as I have one app that I have cloned several times for multiple companies and now have had to update quite a bit of it and so need to implement but I have to do it on thing at a time right now which is VERY time consuming. Not to mention I cannot even have multiple windows open at the same time. So I have to open one, screenshot it or just remember a certain part then close it then open another etc…

You can’t?
I do that all the time. I often have several builder instances open at the same time, with a separate app open in each.

How so? I open one then attempt another it forces me to close that window. And…I have even tried it on multiple browsers with the same result.

Ya…you can only have one instance of an app open at a time… @Darren_Murphy was saying you can have multiple apps open at a time, but that doesn’t help your situation. I get it…I’d love to have the same app open twice so I can reference one part of the app as I’m building another without having to take screenshots…

Cross App copy paste isn’t available yet, but I know @Mark is aware that we want it. No idea about timelines/

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What I normally do is make a copy that I can have open at the same time and refer to, and then throw the copy away when I’m done.

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Okay brother. Thank you guys for the responses.

So @Darren_Murphy if I just clone it then I can have two instances open just for that moment?

You can have as many builder instances open at the same time as you want. You just can’t have the same app open in more than one builder instance.

Just for clarity - a copy of an app is not the same app. It’s a completely separate app. So yes, you can have an app and a copy of the app (or 20 copies) open at the same time.

In my case it is in a Team/Company “Folder” and I have clones. This doesn’t seem to work the way you described though.

Well…I just tried it again and it seemed to work this time. Interesting. It’s going to be a long day! I have to do this “Upgrade” 4 times.

20 hour day because of no cross app/site copy and paste. 5 hours per upgrade of working time.

I agree…I just created an internal request for this feature. We’ll see what happens.

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