🆕 20 new experimental code columns to play with

No idea what this is all about but have made a mental note for ‘Google Translate’ and now on my to do list!


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I think it depends on the use case, generally no item and 0 items are both correct… I actually use “0 items” more in my apps.

Sorry, but where & how exactly do we install the plugins?
Can they “harm” the UI if they don’t work as expected? Or they’re just “Developer’s Helpers”?
Thks all.

Copy the link from the Plugin page…

…and then paste it into an Experimental Code column.

The worst thing that can happen is that you don’t get the results you expect, or you get no results at all.

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Would love to understand how do I change the time zone of the Date Time Formatting?
I inserted dd/MM/yyy HH:mm in the format parameter and it shows right but the result is +3 hours from the actual time in the date column.

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The general rule of thumb is that 1 is singular, and anything else (including 0) is plural. There are probably exceptions, but I can’t think of any off the top of my head. If you follow that, you’ll be grammatically correct at least 99% of the time.


When you say 0.5 second / 0.5 dollar, it’s not even a second, so it should remain singular. When you get 0.9 billion dollars. It must be a paramount amount, but it’s still < 1 billion. So singular. But dollars : plural.
When statistics say that there is an average of 1.66 child / family, it’s not yet 2, so should remain singular too.

Unless we can populate a customized glossary or full dictionary for exceptions, for now, the plural plugin cannot be used for french (so many cases).

Nope, I would never say either.
Always 0.5 seconds, never 0.5 second. That’s just wrong

However, if you were using fractions then it’s different.

  • Half a second: correct
  • Half a seconds: incorrect
  • 0.5 second: incorrect
  • 0.5 seconds: correct

English is stupid.


It’s not stupid, Darren it’s different :relaxed:
We have much worse language issues in French (*sighing like Snoopy :roll_eyes:)
I thought nonsense was only part of this unique "Brit-English charm":uk:

Well, when I say it’s stupid I mean stupid in the sense that it has many illogical and inconsistent grammatical rules. As a native English speaker, I can usually tell instinctively when something isn’t grammatically correct. But often I can’t explain why, because the rules are just too damned complicated :crazy_face:

But yeah, I’m sure English isn’t alone in this respect :slight_smile:


6 days later and @david’s already given us 30 more plugins. Crazy!


The whole team worked on them!


Fun with Color Palette and Image from Color:


If we can use JS, that means we can display background images cycling every n seconds, minutes… I assume this feature is still possible (used it back in 2002).
or display parts of image by coordinates, instead of creating several images

Does anyone have something for formating a phone number this way (###) ###-####?


Hola @david,

I think we need to put a kind of note or advice on Sort Array plugin:

The plugin works fine when the array contains number or text values but if you create a array of dates and use this plugin, the result is wrong due to the code handles the dates as text/string and everything is a little mess.

My PIC can give you an idea of this situation and the wrong order: January ( 1), October (10), June ( 6) and July ( 7).


So far, my workaround to do it correctly is using this Jeff’s trick showed here (convert dates to number values): Agent for information - #85 by Jeff_Hager

I hope it helps and avoid future problems.

Feliz día!


What format do you currently let users type in? I assume 1234567890?

For the love of all things decent…Javascipt “Actions” please.

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Great work @david and team :fire: Would love to see a word count plugin - same as the text length but for words instead of characters.