2 pro apps reading from 1 sheet

Hi just wondering did anyone try this? If so, is there any advantage or disadvantage?

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I’m not entirely sure about this but for me, the biggest disadvantage for pointing 2 apps to 1 sheet is any edits would count for both apps.

However you have 2 Pro apps so that would not be a big problem.

I do it on one of my projects.

I work for a city public works department and have an app for our snow plow drivers. From the same sheet as the driver’s app, I’m driving a public version too.

The internal version has on call weeks, weekly supervisor assignments, driver roster and communication to all involved.

The public version is driven by admins on the internal app. A home screen acts as main info page, with messages being edited and switched on and off by those admins. There are a couple forms sending info to our airtable call log and parking ordinance violations log, and a progress map we put together using ArcGIS Online.

There are about 50 people who will use the internal app, and almost 1200 users have signed up to use the public version.


Hi Tim, so does using 2 pro apps give double benefits?

Well… The two apps, while connected by the Google sheet, are their own discrete app. They both serve a different, specific purpose.

The benefit to me is by keeping my internal app updated, I am driving the message on the public app at the same time. It was a happy accident when I realized I could manage two apps from one.