2 of 6 collections show up on desktop, but not on mobile? 🤔

There are 6 categories in my glorified checklist app: Urgent, Current, Current But Not Urgent, Future, Done and Excluded. For some reason, the Urgent and Current tasks will not show up on mobile devices. The other 4 categories of tasks show up on desktop and mobile. We’ve tested with two mobile devices in Safari (with the app “installed”) and Firefox and cannot get those tasks to show up on mobile. I have tried duplicating the collections, recreating the collections, duplicating the screen, and so far, nothing will get the items marked as Urgent or Current to show up on mobile! Can you please help! I’ve also searched the forum for other tricks and tried turning on and off my phone as well. Opening in Firefox should have started with a fresh cache because that was my first time opening the app in that browser.

We have a legacy non-profit account and that doesn’t include email support. I tried that also.

Here’s the Loom video that I initially sent the Glide support team, but they said to come here.

How do you determine a task status?
Presumably there are dates involved - are you using any of the date plugin columns? (Format Date, for example).

It’s a list of around 100 tasks. Most tasks are dependent on others. So when a user checks a task off, it opens up other tasks for them to do. And yes, there is a Launch date involved. The task list is for someone preparing to move overseas, so a Launch date is set, then the difference between that and the current date determines whether a task has is urgent or not.

How is the date difference calculated?

The reason that I am asking about this is that there are known issues with some of the date plugins where they don’t always work reliably on IOS devices. The fix may be as simple as replacing any date plugins with math columns that provide the same result.

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From my Task List table, I do a lookup of the Launch Date, which comes from my Teams table and it comes in in the following format: May 1, 2025. Then I do a Date Difference column with the Start Date being Current Time and the End Date being that Launch Date lookup column and have the unit set to months with a precision of 1. Then I convert that to a negative number using another Math column.

Each task has a start time (ie -24) and an urgent time (ie -4) that is given in months and compared to the current months out (ie -12).

Thank you for your help on this Darren!

Try replacing that Date Difference column with a math column using the following:


That will give you a difference in days.

May or may not resolve the issue. But even if it doesn’t, it will at least eliminate the date difference column as the possible cause.


OK, thank you Darren! I will give that a try.

@Darren_Murphy you’re a genius! Just tested out your math column formula and it worked! I added a /30 to get the units back to months. Thanks man. I really appreciate it.

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