2-level inline lists and user's data record

I’m making an application to solve a step-by-step problem. There are parent steps and child steps.
First the client selects a quest, then starts walking through the list of steps. The steps are implemented with the help of inline lists. I can’t teach the application to record data received from clients on child steps. That said, if the data request is at the parent step level, everything is fine, I can select fields from the Users table to write data.

What am I doing wrong?

The relationship between the tables is shown in the figure.

I’m having trouble understanding you question. Can you include more screenshots describing your app, flow, and use case?

Thank you for your reply.
The general idea is that I want to make an app to help migrants. It will contain solutions to various problems. Each task is a set of steps. For example, the step “Checking the basis of reidence” consists of 4 steps. At the end of each step we get some information from the user (e.g. how many children he has, whether he has a work contract, etc.).
I have tables:

  • users - information about users
  • tasks - list of tasks
  • steps - list of steps within the task.
  • options - list of options for answers to individual steps.

The table users is linked to the table tasks.
The tasks table is linked to the tables step (Relation: Step) and options (Relation: Options).

In the “Tasks” screen is Inline list, source=tasks, action=view details.
When you click on a particular task, it goes to the internal screen.
On the Inline list screen, source=Relation: step, action=view details. When you select a specific steps, you go to another screen that has choice or input for user information. And for these fields, I can’t assign fields from the Users table.
Although if I put these fields on the Tasks screen, I can assign fields from the Users table there

I would appreciate it if you could help me understand.

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Any values from the user profile sheet should be available to write to any other sheet if you have enabled User Profiles in your app. If you only need email, then it is already available through the Special Values components. If you need more details from the user sheet, then enabling User profiles will allow you to select any value from the user profile sheet.

Since we are talking about the same app, I’ll reference the other post here, so we don’t keep jumping back and forth between threads.