1:1 chat app - visibility button issue


I copied 1 :1 chat app from (Glide • 1:1 Private Chat App | Messenger Template) but I have an issue with the button start a new chat As you can see, it should appears when My chat exist is empty… But the button doesn’t appear.


Could someone knows how to fix it ?

Can you re-upload the image? Seems the image didn’t finish uploading before you post. Thanks!

@ThinhDinh here it is

Thank you

I tried with My chat exist is false and it works.

I thought it was the same empty and false…

You should check for “is true” or “is not true”.

Or, in the new version, “is checked” or “is not checked”.

“Is not true”/“Is not checked” will cover both false and empty.

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Thank you guys @ThinhDinh and @Darren_Murphy !

I learned something today !

Always use “is true” or “is not true”.


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