0️⃣ The Magic 0-0 that forces empty cells to be ZEROES


In any math column, use 0 - 0 + ... to force empty values to be zeros! Huge thanks to @ThinhDinh for leading me to this solution!


Honestly I still don’t know how this works :rofl:

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By chance I had the same problem on Monday but I fixed it in this way:


Feliz día!


So…any sort of 0 math seems to work!

  • 0 - 0 + ...
  • -0 + 0 + ...
  • 0 / 1 + ...
  • 0 * 0 + ...
  • 0 ^ 1 + ...
  • log(1) + ...

Right but the Sum cases don’t work if they are at the end of operation. I mean:

if X=empty:

a)  0-0 +X   =>  0 
b)  X+ 0-0   =>  empty

The others work perfectly no matter where you put them.


This is … eerie?! Is Mark aware of this? It’s like there is a ghost in his code.

I’m not sure at all, but it could be that the ‘0’ symbol represents both “zero” and the “empty set” in the language that’s used in Glide’s backend (Typescript?).

If there is the case, then inserting any math operation whose output is 0 and then adding the empty cell will return the number “0” instead of simply returning the empty set “0” without the math. So 2-2+… would also work I think.

What I don’t understand is why 0+0 or 0-0 at the end of the math would be considered the empty set, but not at the beginning. Coders would probably now. Maybe it’s just the grammar of the language?


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