Zapier to Gmail body text missing


I have been working on an app, and just released it to my friends. Now, however, a zapier action I configured that worked just fine is not working anymore. Whenever anyone sends it, it sends my information, rather than theirs. And now, it is not sending altogether, instead saying that the body text was missing, even though I have that configured as ‘sample value 2’. I have tried troubleshooting with them but there weren’t any helpful articles out there.


So you’re sending a template column to the mail body, is that correct?


Can we know more about the flow, i.e where do the users send the email from? What tab is it and have you put the right filter for it?

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The users send the email from their profile, so it takes information from their profile, which I have set a filter for (when the email on the page matches the user’s email). I copied this from the instagram tutorial that glide has.

Can you go to Zapier and take a test to see if they’re pulling the right information back? If it’s possible share with us your settings so we can know more.

Hi all! Having issues with this integration, zapier doesn’t recognize the ‘To’ value. The value To contains a list of emails. It worked in the past but it’s not working now, any clues?
I’ve had the message ‘to value is not valid’ but it worked anyway, now it doesn’t

Thanks in advance

Do you have more than 50 emails?

Nope, I’ve tested with only 1 or 2. As I said, it used to work, but somehow it doesn’t now. I’ve tried to change the column types, and still nothing, I’ve used a regular text (it used to work like this), email column, template or joint list, but no luck

What’s the error on the Zapier side looking like?

Which is the to value. I got value 1 that contains a list of emails, although I’m testing with just 1 email

So does the Zap populate your “To” field or not?

It tells me that is not valid, although I’m using a value from Glide, and that value has data attached to it, meaning, it has the emails. The rest of the values work fine, I did a test by introducing an email manually in the ‘to’ field and I got the email with the rest of the values. However, the email value is not recognised by zapier and it doesn’t send the email

That’s weird. If it’s still populating the field on the Zapier side then are there any problems inside your list of emails? Like some weird emails or fake emails.

Nope, all as real as you or me!! I’m gonna contact zapier, see if they can help. Thanks for your efforts anyway @ThinhDinh

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Let me know if you find a reason, as it would be good knowledge for me to debug. Thanks a lot Pablo!

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Apparently, Glide is not sending the values correctly, and the “To” value is always empty…any clues why that would be? The e-mails live in a template or joint list column, I’ve tried both. Very annoying

Any chance you use a row owner in your app?

No, I’ve ended up using a webhook, and it solved the situation. That’s the solution I have. Using the webhook it pulls the data I need, but using glide as the trigger doesn’t work

Probably it’s a problem with the Join Text column.