Zapier making empty Pandadoc documents

So this is mostly about Zapier, but its for something i want to use in a glideapp, so I hope someone can help or has faced a similar situation. So, I have a zapier set up to create a pandadoc when the zap is triggered in my glide app, which works perfectly fine. Then I have another zap set up to upload the COMPLETED document to my drive, so I can feed it back into the app. Now the problem is that the uploaded document is just the template with the fed sample values, as in it lacks the signatures and panda doc fields. No clue how to resolve this, really hope someone can help.

Ps. When I test run the zap, it uploads the completed documents with all the required fields

Have you added variables to the PandaDoc step in Zapier? I have not worked with PandaDoc, but if it generates the sample values everytime then I assume the problem is there.

I have variables set up for the information that is passed through glide. The signature field cant be made into a variable as far as I can see. Its a Signature field that is assigned to the signer

I would like to point out that when I added a 5minute delay to zapier, the document came out fine with the required signatures, which I guess is a viable solution. I was just hoping to actually automate it based on completion rather than an arbitrary number which may be incorrect in some situations

I figured out a fix. Instead of sending back the pdf document, I send back the link to the sign request, which is completed, and they can download a pdf

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