Zapier integration roadmap

I am trying to get a zap to update a glide tabl and it would seam glide can execute actions in zapier but zapier can not tall to glide? is this something that is planed?

I have an app that when an event happens I need a status column in glide to change. No way to do that now that I can find.

Hi. At the moment the Zapier integration is one way. You can only send data to Zapier but not the other way around.

But you can still use the Google sheet integration to get your data back into glide provided you did not use glide tables but google sheet for your data.

Your integration would then be

Glide >> Zapier >> Google Sheets >> Glide

That should work…I think.

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Are trying to update something in Glide when an action is performed in Glide? Or is this an external source?

If its internal, you can explore the Set Column action on your Status Column to update

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Im using glide tables not sheets. hope the add 2 way soon :slight_smile: