Zapier - action doesn't trigger

I have 2 actions on a button:

  1. open link
  2. trigger zap

The zap triggering doesn’t work although I set the zapier trigger & action in zapier.

The zap is not triggering when testing the button nor when I want to load more samples in zapier.

What if you remove the “Open link” action, does the Zap work in that case?

Why do you need to open a link before triggering a Zap? Can you describe more about your use case?

The zap can be triggered after or before the open link.

The use case here is like this:

  1. User clicks a button
  2. The information is send to CRM with Zapier

So here the important thing is to have 2 actions on a button. One that opens a link and one that sends info to zapier

The order doesn’t affect as the zap won’t trigger either case.


if I make a button with only 1 action - zapier, then it works.

How would you recommend creating a button with 2 actions? 1 click and 1 trigger

Also, I was thinking that custom action will be an option but when I save the steps and custom action, it won’t be displayed in the action list

What is the link that the user is opening? What is the role of it in the flow?

It worked with custom action

Job done

thanks for your help

How on earth were you doing it without using a custom action? :thinking:

Yeah, there are two actions there so I don’t know what OP means in the original post…