Wrong way to get user email from one sheet to populate another?

Hello Glide Community!

I have an issue, that perhaps you can help me with: What is the best way to get the user email from one sheet to another? (All this in Glide Data editor, and not using Glide Tables).

Why am I asking this?

Well I have a strange corner case that I’m struggling with. I have found out (in my case) that the strange behaviour is caused by enabling Row Owners in a specific sheet (Row Owner is enabled on all other sheets without an issues).

Perhaps this is due to the way I get the user’s email (described below), or perhaps it is an issue with Row Owners and Template Columns.

How I get the user email

I use an if then else column. IF the email is signed in then give me this user’s email from the profile sheet. (Which works as expected).

How is the related to template columns and row owners?

Well, in my particular case, I create a template with the “If then else column” mentioned above, and an increment value (provided via a math column). If I “Enable Row Owner” in the sheet that will receive the template output, the first row added, does not respect the template output (the user email is provided by the increment value from the math column is not), but the second addition and further are correct.

Any thoughts on how to approach this? Has anyone experienced such kind of behaviour?

If I do not require a user to create a profile and I want it to work just on someone logging in then I create a column that uses the UNIQUE formula and is directed to the apps:login page and it finds all unique email logins and lists them and that becomes my dynamic row owners. Otherwise I require user profile to be created where I use current email address as row owner when form or info is submitted.

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@Drearystate thanks for the suggestion!


I managed to address the corner case where the template column output would not be correct for the first row entry.

I simply used an “If then else column” to basically insure that the desired Template column output would be the expected value.

Solved my own issue.

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Update 2: After further testing, the issue still remain (this solution mentioned in my previous post did not solve the issue).

I will be contacting support.

P.s: I’ll leave this post open until I get some input/feedback from support, in hopes that perhaps others could help me as well.