Wrong datas from single values after a reset

Describe the bug:

  • Datas are ok until i make a reset (increments of datas with -datas). Datas reset to 0 in every column but there’s a display problem in app. I launch the app again and the problem disappear. Dont know what to do.

Video of the bug

Thanks for your help.

What are the actions tied to your “reset” actions? I see they’re in the edit screen?

What are the columns you are using to display in your “Equipe Kamel” table?

Do you have the same problem in your published version?

The reset is just an increment of the numbers of the buttons with the opposite numbers (column = -a → a = numbers i had by clicking). The result is 0 for the reset. Thats why i got 0 everywhere in the table but i dont know why number in table are not the same as the app.
The column of the buttons are linked to the 4 column picking the single value to be used in the basic table. Transfer is working in the tab but the display is wrong.

yes i have

Glide engineers working on it