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I seem to be having a problem writing to a USC field, it is NOT showing up. I am using a choice component, for the customer to make a choice which I then use to filter the options displayed, however, when I try to configure the write to parameter I am not seeing my USC column


However it is appearing in the “default value” section

I have done this many times before, not sure what i’m dong wrong or if its a bug ?

Is this in a Form or an Add Form?

If so, User Specific Columns need a Row ID to function correctly and link the row to the underlying glide data that holds all user specific values. If a Row ID has not been established yet, then there is no way for a User Specific value to properly link to a row that has not been written, and subsiquently has not been assigned a Row ID yet. It would be left floating out there with no attachment to any row.


Hi Jeff,

Thanks for the response.

  1. I definitely have a ROWID. I am not sure if it actually possible to have a USC without ROWID, everytime I check the USC flag, it forces me to switch on ROWID before I can create a USC. I am not aware you can have a USC without enabling ROWID.

  2. Form vs Add Form. What’s the difference. I created a button and then changed the action to “Show Form Screen”


So it’s a standard Form screen. Yes, you need a RowID to add a USC column, and I have no doubt that you do. What I’m getting at though, is that while you are in the form, you don’t have a Row that’s been written…as such, you don’t have a Row ID that’s been assigned to a new row…and as a result, a USC column cannot properly attach the value to that row. For that reason, you can’t fill a USC column before the row has been written and assigned a Row ID.

Just want to clarify, that I’m talking about Row ID, the random value…not the column.

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Hi Jeff,

Thanks for the clarification. At the time I made the initial ticket, you are correct, there were no rows present in the table and hence even though I had the ROW ID I did not one assigned to any coloumn. (this is useful info thanks).

However I have now created two test rows and ROW ID’s have been assigned and still not being able to select the USC column.

A form is used to create a new row. That row doesn’t exist until you submit the form. You cannot fill a USC because the new row does not exist and hasn’t been written yet. The row id for that new row will not be assigned until AFTER the row is written. You would be attempting to fill a USC columns BEFORE the row exists and BEFORE the Row ID is assigned.

USC values need an existing row with a row id assigned for them to work. The row and row id doesn’t exist while you are still in the form. It has nothing to do with any prior rows in the table.


Now I understand. Thanks for the clarification.

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