Data not registering

I have done this hundreds of times, but now its not working and I can’t figure out what i’m doing wrong, I have been troubleshooting for the last 24 hours.

I have two USC for month and year in the table.
I have two choice components listing the years and months.

User selects the year and month (required fields) and on submit it calls a webhook with the month and year as values.

However, the web-hook is being called with an empty object, and when I test in the builder, when I select the two choice options nothing is populating in the data, but normally it populates instantly.

What you see there is what I would expect to see.
You’re using a native form, and native form values are only written to a table (as a new row) after the form is submitted.

To get what you’re expecting, you’d need to use a custom form.

Is Dan trying to write values from a form to user-specific columns? If I recall right, you should not be able to write to USC from forms.

Hi Guys,

It was a form, and switched to new screen and it is working now. Thanks

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