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Hello community, this is my first post. I have a question, and it is if there is any way that the search engine in the “list” component could work with a “search” button which is clicked after writing the word or complete phrase to search for. In my project I have more than 1000 products listed, and when updating the search for each letter that is typed in the search bar, everything becomes very slow. Besides, I also ask if there is any way to limit the number of groups that are shown before the “show more groups” button, so I get better performance on cell phones. Thank you so much!

edit: forgot to mention, it’s a web app.

I believe you can disable the native search on an Inline List, add a Text Entry Component, which is connected to a USC Basic Text Column. Then use a Button to set a 2nd USC Basic Text Column with the data you added to the 1st and add a filter your Inline List comparing whatever columns of your product and seeing if the 2nd USC is included in those columns.


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Only thing to keep in mind is that your set column button will now consume 1 update whereas the native search uses 0.

In that case I will have to give up the idea, I really need a solution that does not add updates :frowning:

Unfortunately, you’ll be left with the native search, which isnt all that bad.

I think you will have so many updates according how many symbols user have typed plus one action update.
Please wote this feature which can solve problem

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