Working on a calendar link generator

I will have a look, thanks!
But so far I’ve been rebuilding in Glide what other services do. I succeeded in Google Calendar, now I was hoping to do the same with Microsoft. But maybe I want too much myself!

Jeff, obviously I miss some basis Glide knowledge :-). How do I separate those from a date and time column?

It would just be an extension of what I showed you yesterday. But 13 columns is starting to get a bit silly. At this point you’d be better off using the JavaScript option - that’s just a single column.

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Sorry, sorted

Ah, sorted. Yeah in a way you’re right! And the JavaScript option might be best now! On the other hand am I then introducing something I don’t know anything about. But might be best for now!

The site can’t be reached, might not exist anymore.

The ICS template still works though!

Yeah, I still use the templates nowadays. Seems like that URL is not a front-end website, it just servers the purpose of building links.

Nice, will use it too!

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@ThinhDinh @Darren_Murphy @Jeff_Hager : I have it working now! Automated calendar links for as well Google Calendar as Apple / Outlook (.iCS). Thanks so much!


@erwblo share if you feel like it😜

I incorporated it in an app that hasn’t been released yet, but tomorrow or so I will make it a solo app.
It might still be too complex according to some, but I understand what I have been doing and I’m a no coder at heart :wink: (a necessity :wink: )