Working on a calendar link generator

I’m not sure that I can give an example, without doing a bunch of testing with different devices.
Also, I haven’t used it for a long time, because every time I did I would find myself being bitten by it. So I just stopped using it. In fact, I don’t bother with any of the date related plugins. I just don’t trust them.

I can get the results I need with Glide Date Math, and I know that it works 100% of the time, so that’s good enough for me.

Ok, I saw.

I think you need something like a faith jump :rofl:

The Jeff’s trick is still bulletproof for these cases and I used it many times when I needed to sort a dates array. It never failed.



To be honest I’ve never even looked at the event picker :wink: But I guess it must be better to do start and stop in one component :wink:

Looking at it … is this meant to be for people choosing an event based on a set set of events? In my case I build an app where an event organiser can add a new event, so without choosing from a set of events, it can be everything. @Darren_Murphy

Darren, soory to bother you again, getting there!
I have this working for Google Calendar now, great!
Outlook though, wants the start date and time look like this, how would you do that?


Coming from
CleanShot 2022-09-12 at 20.19.30@2x

How picky is outlook about leading zeros? Will it accept 05 for a Day, or does it need to be 5?

There’s a few different ways to handle this situation.

  • You could piece it apart and separate day, month, year, hour minute second. Then put it all back together with a template column. 13+ columns total. :face_vomiting:
  • Or you can cheat a little bit with some creative math to cut the number of columns in half, and get a little more creative with a couple template columns. :face_vomiting:
  • Or you could take the google style, and use some javascript to split and reformat the values (probably the cleanest). :slightly_smiling_face:

But most importantly, it’s good to know if leading zeros are allowed or not by outlook for any number (day, month, hour, minute, second). It’s probably safe to assume that leading zeros are allowed, so javascript would probably be best.

This is what I would do…taking your existing google formatted dates and run them through some javascript. Something like below. I’m sure someone could clean it up a little bit. It’s not the most efficient, but it’s readable. (Javascript is not my first language)

var Date = p1.split('T')[0];
var Time = p1.split('T')[1];

var FDate = Date.substring(0, 4) +
                     '-' +
                     Date.substring(4, 6) +
                     '-' +
                     Date.substring(6, 8);

var FTime = Time.substring(0, 2) +
                     ':' +
                     Time.substring(2, 4) +
                     ':' +
                     Time.substring(4, 6) +

return encodeURIComponent(FDate + 'T' + FTime);

I wasn’t sure how to handle the last part. Looks like Outlook wants a ‘+00:00’ tagged onto the end. What does that represent? Is it a duration? A timezone offset? Something else? I wasn’t sure, so I just hardcoded ‘+00:00’ (which is the encoded version of %2B00%3A00) at the end. Also the last bit about encoding isn’t necessary, because the Construct URL column would take care of that anyway.



What are you using for creating the links? Have you used

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Thanks a lot, I’m diving into this!

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I will have a look, thanks!
But so far I’ve been rebuilding in Glide what other services do. I succeeded in Google Calendar, now I was hoping to do the same with Microsoft. But maybe I want too much myself!

Jeff, obviously I miss some basis Glide knowledge :-). How do I separate those from a date and time column?

It would just be an extension of what I showed you yesterday. But 13 columns is starting to get a bit silly. At this point you’d be better off using the JavaScript option - that’s just a single column.

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Sorry, sorted

Ah, sorted. Yeah in a way you’re right! And the JavaScript option might be best now! On the other hand am I then introducing something I don’t know anything about. But might be best for now!

The site can’t be reached, might not exist anymore.

The ICS template still works though!

Yeah, I still use the templates nowadays. Seems like that URL is not a front-end website, it just servers the purpose of building links.

Nice, will use it too!

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@ThinhDinh @Darren_Murphy @Jeff_Hager : I have it working now! Automated calendar links for as well Google Calendar as Apple / Outlook (.iCS). Thanks so much!


@erwblo share if you feel like it😜

I incorporated it in an app that hasn’t been released yet, but tomorrow or so I will make it a solo app.
It might still be too complex according to some, but I understand what I have been doing and I’m a no coder at heart :wink: (a necessity :wink: )