Workaround to @mention someone in Comments Component

I’ve seen in another topic that it isn’t possible to natively mention/tag someone in the Comments component. I’m wondering if anyone has developed a workaround for this. We use comments in Airtable frequently, and anyone mentioned in the comment gets notified via email. Would love to replicate this functionality in Glide.

You could have an onsubmit action that is looking at the message and if it contains @____ then send an email to the user.

(I’m oversimplifying it)

You’d need a way to relate @___ to the actual user to bring back their email address in order to know where to send the mention.


Thanks @Robert_Petitto - I think that could definitely work! I just followed along with your video on setting up the Comments / Chat component in Glide and found it super helpful. Thanks for all you do for the Glide community!

I just watched it, Maybe you want to dig further - @Loqode video.


Oh, that’s a very nice solution. Thanks @Himaladin for the suggestion :raised_hands:

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