How to mention/tag someone on an app

Is this possible?

Similar to @ing someone on Instagram/Twitter/Facebook/TikTok. Has anyone figured out how to do that on a Glide app? Not a page, a Glide app!

Thanks in advance. Sorry if this has been asked elsewhere, I can’t seem to find it.

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What are the things that you would expect to happen if a person is “tagged”? I assume it shows up somewhere on a “Notifications” tab?

One thing for sure, it won’t work wit the comments component.

I guess it would be cool for them to receive an email notififcation (I know how to set these up with Zapier).

Now that I type this, I’m thinking a “choice” button which a user can use to select another user’s name. Then setting up a Zap such that the user receives an email to say they have a new “mention” could work well.

You almost answered your question.

Create a “Mentioned” column in your table. On your form, add a choice component and point it towards your user data where all user names are stored. I would suggest to set up choice component in a way where you select values as “User Email” and Display as “User Name”.

Create a custom action for on submit and set a zapier trigger if someone is mentioned. You can send the email to the value in “Mentioned” column.

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