Work days in a Month / Quarter

Has anyone figured out a simple way to calculate how many work-days are in a week/month/quarter?

No need for holidays (but that would be nice :slight_smile: )

I have a feed and I want to calculate activity and I need a denominator - e.g. work days.


Yeah, I do this a lot.

My method involves creating a Helper Table with enough rows to cover the entire period that Iā€™m interested in. Then use a bit of date math to populate each row with an incrementing date, starting from some arbitrary date. Calculate the Weekday number for each date, use a bit of if-then-else logic to determine which are workdays, then rollup to get a count. If you want to factor public holidays in, then all you need is a separate table with a list of public holiday dates, build a single relation to that, and use the state of the relation in the if-then-else logic.

If this approach interests you, Iā€™m sure I have a video somewhere that walks through it step by step.

I am interested. Thanks Darren

This one shows how to calculate the number of working days between two dates. The premise was for calculating how many days of leave an employee might be taking, but the technique is exactly as I described above.