Words from german user, notify and content updates

Hi Glide Team,

Most Important:
App Notify, is a must to scale for app offerings. It’s not even a game chager, it is a must for almost any app out there. I built a somewhat complex app for a social media network for younger people. If I cannot send notification on when a users is tagged in a story or anything else of interest to that user I cannot scale on a level that is needed. So please, open that service for pro users somehow now. I would even pay a few bugs extra for that service.

When I visit a page within the app. If i pulldown that page I want a reload of that page, clear cache of this cell and get updated information. i.e. If I change my contact infos in the app, this needs to be updated automatically. When I visit data protection regulations and pulldown that screen on my phone I need an update.

Probably more to come.



The notification thing is more of a bottleneck from Apple on PWAs and not Glide.

Thx for reply, honestly I couldnt care less about Apple mobile phone users right now. Especially for a social media network platform. Thats a forecast, the actual figures are not better…