Within today doesn’t work for a few hours each day


In my app I use a few calculations and filters using “within Today”. I have a list of bookings for today that is filtered to show only today’s booking, and I also have two rollups to calculate the revenue today and the amount of guests. At a certain point every night or early morning these calculations stop working and I get blank lists and rollups are 0. At around 10 am the calculations start working again without any intervention.

My VPN is off. The booking date and time column is not set by time zone.

Any advice is appreciated

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Thank you @Robert_Petitto , any workarounds?

Convert all dates to a numeric value and then compare if they’re equal.
I use the formula:


Much appreciated :pray:

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FYI this bug seems to be fixed now


That’s big. Thank you for updating.

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Literally fixed today because many features on my apps started working as they should

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