[Winners Announced] Community Challenge: What's Your Innovator Type? 💡

March 18th update: We have our Innovators at Work challenge winners!

Over 1200 assessments were completed since we launched Innovators at Work, and hundreds of results were shared on LinkedIn. We poured over those posts to find our community challenge winners.

Starting with our top three, who’ll receive Glide merch and $100 in Glide credit:

And our ten runners-up, who’ll receive $100 in Glide credit:

We’ll be in touch via LinkedIn about your rewards.

Congratulations, and thank you for taking part!

Original post for posterity:

We’ve discovered that the people who succeed with Glide share one crucial trait: they’re Innovators at Work.

Innovation is a willingness to take action on big ideas and try new things. It’s a desire to be constantly learning, trying new tools, and coming up with ingenious solutions.

Within the wealth of observations we’ve gathered, supported by our data-driven research, we’ve found four primary types:

  1. The Builder - Innovation as vision combined with action
  2. The Strategist - Innovation of a systems thinker
  3. The Optimizer - Innovation that produces results
  4. The Scientist - Innovation for innovation’s sake

For this month’s Community Challenge, we want to know: which type are you?

To participate in the challenge:

  1. Take the Innovators at Work assessment
  2. Share your results on LinkedIn with the hashtag #InnovatorsAtWork
  3. Tag Glide so we don’t miss your entry

All entries must be in by 9pm PT on Thursday, February 29th. If you shared your results before we announced the challenge, don’t worry – it counts as an entry!

The rewards:

  • 3 winners will get Glide merch and $100 in Glide credit
  • 10 additional winners will get $100 in Glide credit
  • All winners will be showcased on the Glide community and social

Winners will be chosen after the deadline closes.

Good luck!

P.S. Learn more about the different innovators at work on the Glide blog.


Hello Andy,

Fun quizz :slight_smile: i wont use typeform anymore.
Glide just replaces step by step all my digital tools!
Amazing team.

I think there is a little glitch in the quizz:

Im evaluated as builder and it talks about strategist type.

Containers mixed up? :wink:

Have a nice day all

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@Martin_B - Thanks for catching that!

The conditional logic for the description text was referencing the wrong column.

We’ve fixed it. :sweat_smile:

Update: We have our winners!

Congratulations and thank you for taking part in February’s community challenge.

I’ll be in touch via LinkedIn for your rewards and next steps. :pray:

Very cool and honored to make top 3 :open_mouth::metal:t2:


Same here as @chad1 said, its an honor! :slight_smile:


So i am one of the winners, wow.
Thank you @nocodeandy