Will the user counts return?

I know it wasnt the same as implementing Google Analytics, but seeing the user count saying 0 is a depressing sight. A rough idea about usage is nice.
Will the user counts return?


I see user counts in my Pro apps…

Interesting, I don’t and I know that I have users :wink:
Plus: I didnt know it was a pro only feature?

Well, I have lots of free apps, but most of them don’t have any users (or very few). So I can’t really tell if user counts are showing in them or not…

All of my apps have user count = 0.
I know that that can be the case for a lot, but for others I am sure it’s not true, because I see new members all the time and get input through forms.


All of my apps have indicated ‘No User Count’ for months. I know I don’t have a lot of users, but my original Concepts app use to show anywhere from 100 to 200 users in a given month. Any other app that had users would show ‘A few Users’.

I was using the counts to clean up and delete old demo apps that hadn’t been accessed for a long time, but right now, I have no idea which ones are actively used or not.

Same here.

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When we implemented GDPR support, we stopped tracking most information coming from apps. We do not attempt to count the # of users for Public apps at all. We should still count apps where users sign in with email addresses (Public with Email, Allowed Email List), though.


Thanks for the info. Is it then maybe an idea to delete that counter?
When you’re new now and you see that, you think you have no users where you do have them.
And this one below is public with e-mail too (and has users)
CleanShot 2021-03-28 at 19.46.44@2x


Yes, we are working to use this label in a better way! For example, to show you if the app is currently locked for editing.