Will Glideapp work in this kind of device?

I wish to use glideapp to create an app for an 22’ touchscreen with android OS. Is it possible?

Yes. There are no serious limitations to the functioning of the APP in large screens. However with the current version you will not be able to fully use all the horizontal space available on the screen, especially if it is a 16: 9.
However the Glide team is working on a specific “desktop version” layout and in my opinion there will be improvements in this regard soon.
Of course no problem for the touch screen and no problem with android.

Thank you very much Roldy
Can you please explain the meaning of “fully use”? How would it look like?

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This is an example of one of my APP executing in a 22" 16:9 Screen.
As you can see upper and lower bar are extended horizzontally, but the main body of the APP is centered in the screen and, in this case (a details style layout) I can’t use left and right free space.
Of course, the situation would improve considerably if the screen were vertical.

Just for my curiosity are you making an information kiosk totem?

Something like this, yes :slight_smile:
In a vertical display it would fill all the screen?

Thank you so much!

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This is the same APP in my Samsung Galaxy S7. As you can see it fit very well vertically


Amazing! is there a way to see the preview of my APP in vertical display?
Thank you so much Roldy :slight_smile:

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This looks great!

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It is sufficient in the builder to view the smartphone layout to understand how it would look on any other vertical monitor; even if it is larger, proportionality is approximately respected.