iPad/tablet layout for Glide apps

Hi glide Team,

I’m new here and i really love this website.

I have question regarding install the app that i created i want to install on ipad but does not shows a full screen ( not like real app on ipad)

Is there any situation

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I’d like to see this in some point too. If remembering right from the old user forum, the answer was that it might become possible later, but now it is meant for phone sized screens only.

Having apps for bigger screens would allow for example easy collecting of user opinions in shops, face-to-face on streets etc. and of course would be good for ‘normal’ app use cases too.

Yes @Juha is correct. The Glide team is aware of the requests and it is on their road map to address. No timeframe given.

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It’s 7’ x 3’ inch on my iPad screen (12" in height) and it’s easier to use for me then my iPhone :smile: